Taking into consideration our many foreign readers, here we go again with another post in english !

During  previous trips we felt there was always something missing , something we wanted but didn’t have …………….and we thought it might be nice to own ; so

 in this next trip , with plenty of opportunities to use it , it would be more than a MAJOR SIN …………..not to take one along !!! Any guesses so far ?????

Also , during our previous trip ( GREECE+ITALY+TUNISIA – 2014 ) there were plenty of occasions when we were just starring at the sea , calm as ”bathtub full of oil” , and we regreted over and over…………………..not having a……………………..device which would give us the freedom and the pleasure of FLOATING : YES , DEFINETLY , I’M TALKING ABOUT  A BOAT !!!!!!

So we thought about it a bit longer ,  (well to be honest , I thought about it much longer than Marilia cause she’s afraid of the sea ), and just bought a small ( 310 cm ) inflatable rubber boat ( ZODIAC type ) with a YAMAHA 6 HP engine , well just good enough to play around in lagoons , dams , calm seas , etc  ; it fits 4 people however due to my extra heavy weight , let’s just take into consideration 3 persons MAX on board !!!

We wanted very much to call her ” SEASTAR ” however such name was already in use / registered , so we just played a bit smart , we tricked the system and registered it as …… ” STAR OF THE SEA ”- – – – – – – – – – – ACCEPTED !!! LET’S MOVE  ON !!!!!!

Actually , we have some experience in this matter , this is our third leisure boat ; the very first one was a true ZODIAC with about 4.50 m length and an outboard EVINRUDE engine of 30 HP , then some years later we purchased a bigger boat ( almost 6 meters lenght ) in fiberglass , with a YAMAHA engine of 60 HP and we had wonderful ( and scary too……) moments with it , and now we just got this one ! Let’s hope this time we’ll have only wonderful moments and none scary ones……

The worst part it’s gonna be the extra weight : the boat plus the engine and all the nautic gear , all together we are talking about some extra 110 kgs which our enslaved camper will have to carry along for some years……………SUCH IS LIFE , RIGHT ????

In most of the countries to be visited , we’ll have the chance to use our new toy , but only in calm waters cause crazy times………are over !

Now take a look at some pictures of the………………….. ”thing” :


poor thing , it's gonna suffer like a donkey ....weightwise !

poor thing , it’s gonna suffer like a donkey ….weightwise !















MONTARGIL DAM , the camping site

MONTARGIL DAM , the camping site


as long as the water is fully flat , Marilia doesn't mind riding the boat....

as long as the water is fully flat , Marilia doesn’t mind riding the boat….



afterwards we fold it , we bag it and we carry on.....

afterwards we fold it , we bag it and we carry on…..



( devido aos imensos estrangeiros que visitam o nosso site diariamente , resolvi escrever DE VEZ EM QUANDO um artigo em inglês , enfim sempre compreenderão melhor do que em português … )

até ao dia em que me cansar de o fazer !!! 

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2 comentários para “STAR OF THE SEA”

  1. João Firmino diz:

    Olá, David e Marilia

    Mais um “acessório” para a grande viagem. Será que a Estrelita aguenta com mais 110 KG? Ai aguenta, aguenta! Mas muita sorte para não encontrarem em França daquelas brigadas com básculas portáteis montadas em camiões e que nos dizem “suba aqui com o seu camping-car”…

    João Firmino/CAB

    • admin diz:

      olá j.firmino !
      ela aguentar , aguenta agora eu é que não aguento com ”flics” inquisidores de autocaravanas…..
      um abraço


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